Fall season pricing is August 1st - October 15th. Off season pricing is October 16th - July 31st.


Dirty Time x Cartel
Bred by Darner Show Pigs
Owned with Ripley Show Pigs
Stress Negative
Off-season pricing $50/dose

Ridin' Dirty is one heavy structured boar. He's huge boned...I really mean HUGE BONED! Ridin' Dirty has monster feet and small toes that point straight forward. He has a wide top, with a deep ditch running down into a perfect tail set. Ridin' Dirty's skull is massive but yet' still attractive. This guy is tall at the point of shoulder and truly runs up hill. I read him as a boar/barrow making machine. When Ridin' Dirty strides he reaches way out on his frontend and sets rear legs almost in the same track. His sire, Dirty Time is a powerful Dirty Secret son and Cartel is a Visionary son bred by Weisinger! Two of the greatest boars that has ever been are in this guys pedigree! If you're serious about making champions, look no farther than Ridin' Dirty.



House Money x Skype
Bred and Owned with Ripley Show Pigs
Stress Negative
Off-season pricing $50/dose

When I first saw Omega! I thought WOW! What a cool looking boar. Hiscolor pattern really caught my eye. As I studied him, I saw a boarthat really puts it all together. I believe he will work on all typesand breds. Omega's pedigree is loaded House Money (Kiss my Socks xAnte Up) x Skype (Sky's The Limit x Monster Pipe)! Omega will addbone, soundness, squareness, muscle, cover, color, thickness, tallfrontness, and attractive skull. I could go on and on about Omega.Simply study his picture or come look at him in person! Omega deservesand will see heavy use here at Speer Swine Genetics.

On The Rocks

Iced x Mogal x Outlier
Bred by Warren Brothers Genetics
Stress Negative
Off-season pricing $40/dose.
Fall pricing $50/dose.

On the Rocks is one absolute stud of a boar. Coming from a big timebredder that has produced many champions, he is one of the most faultfree boars I have ever seen. He is stout skulled, big topped, and hugeboned. OTR is tall at the point of his shoulder and square at theground. This guy is one smooth cat, he just struts around like he owns the place, setting all his toes forward. If you can get barrows and gilts to look like this guy, you will find yourself hanging banners. Don't miss out on your opportunity to order a couple of shots ON THE ROCKS.



Take Aim x Skywire
Stress negative
Bred by the Biddle Family
Fall season pricing is $50 a dose.
Off season pricing is $40 a dose.
Contact Darren at 1-812-756-2399

Sonic is a big framed, sound legged boar we have been looking for. Sonic is up on his toes, which all point forward. His color pattern will definitely catch the judge's eye. Sonic is long-bodied, long necked, large framed boar who should work great with some of these moderate framed females.


Romeo x The Jack
Stress Negative
Bred by Rodibaughs
Owned with Joseph Yorkshires
$150 a dose Contact Nathan Joseph at 1-740-504-0668

$6500 Division 1 Champion purchase from Rodibaughs at the Indiana State Fair Crossbred Classic.


Right One x Mad Max
Bred by Southern Select Showpigs
Off-season pricing $40/dose.
Fall pricing $50/dose.

He was the 2018 Grand Champion Duroc Boar at Kentucky State Fair. His sire was the Reserve Grand Champion Duroc Boar at 2017 WPX. When we pulled up to Jeff's, I couldn't believe how good this boar was. I was smiling. He hit me hard with his massive chest, leading into a freaky head and neck. He carries his head up high and reaches way out with his front legs. This boar is so sound he just glides around with ease. He's level topped with a hightail set. Jeff said he has just the right amount of bone to stay sound and correct. These traits should bred on. We believe he's going to sire champions and his offspring will do all the talking for him.


1482 N COUNTY ROAD 850 W
HOLTON, IN 47023
DARREN SPEER :: 812-756-2399



Collection Information

Collection Days:
Normal Collection Days are Monday and Thursdays with the exception of Holidays.

All packages are shipped UPS Next Day Air unless requested otherwise. Semen can be picked up at the farm as well. Payment: All orders must be pre-paid, paid via credit card.

To ensure availability of boars, we suggest that you order in advance. You can place semen orders by calling Darren's cell at 812-756-2399.

Cancellation Policy:
All orders must be cancelled by 9 am EST on the day of collection. Cancellation requests after this time will remain the responsibility of the semen purchaser.

Breeding Certificates:
In order to register a purebred litter, you need to obtain a breeding certificate from Speer Swine Genetics. We will need the name of who ordered the semen, breeding or farrowing date, and the herdmark (for NSR Breeds).



1482 N COUNTY ROAD 850 W
HOLTON, IN 47023
DARREN SPEER :: 812-756-2399

Speer Family Showpigs is a family owned and operated hog farm. We are dedicated to provide our customers with quality showpigs and breeding stock. We believe our genetics can compete at any level.

Being a 3rd generation hog farmer, we are excited for our new journey of offering boar semen. We run quality boars in our stud, which we sell and ship semen. We also have up to a 15 sow operation, focusing on the showpig side of the industry.